FFC Connectors & Cables with Side Catchers from CviLux!

CviLux has extended its FFC product portfolio by FFC cables with side catchers. Both the cables and the connectors that go with

The connectors from series CF41, CF36 and CF34 are available in the 0.50mm pitch, while the series CF25 offers solutions in the dimensions 0.50mm and 1.00mm.

Apart from the pitch (grid dimension), the four series also differ in their height (1.30 – 2.20mm), the interlock (one-touch or back-flip), and, of course, in the design of the side catchers.

FFC cables are produced with tin-plated contacts. Depending on the customer’s requirements, they are manufactured with reinforcements on the same side (T1) or mutually opposed (T2).

On request, other side catcher designs will gladly be tested out, as shown in the table below.

But all the designs follow the same aim – easy to use, reliable in operation!

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