2011-04-21  Power Supply Modules   

EMERSON NETWORK POWER is opening new paths with its complete plug & play power supply modules for sealed box or outdoor applicat

The LCC250 series consists of enclosed modules with an IP64-sealed metal housing for direct use without a fan. Connections are made via the integrated cable ends, thus permitting them to be protected to the desired IP class. Fuses for the live (phase) and neutral lines are integrated in the device.

Even in -40°C to +85°C environments, the LCC250 operates without additional protective measures against dust or water ingress. The robust metal housing measures 101mm x 177mm x 28mm max. and is designed for optimized conduction (contact) cooling when mounted on the application housing. In case thermal contact cannot be made with a part of the application housing that provides effective cooling, a pre-assembled heat sink is available as a standard option. From the wide 90Vac - 264Vac input range with active harmonic correction, the modules of the first roll out provide an output of 12Vdc – and later versions also 24Vdc and 48Vdc – at up to 250W output power and with 16ms hold-up time. The LCC250 provides problem-free starting for capacitive loads of up to 330uF per Ampere (equivalent to 6600uF for 12V types), and the tolerance band for the sum of all regulation deviations is +/-2% max.

The control variable for output voltage regulation is either constant current in the pre-adjustable range of 10A to 20A, or constant voltage pre-adjustable to +/-10%. In addition, the module is equipped with signal lines for remote on/off, as well as sensing lines for compensating a drop of up to 0.5Vdc on the secondary (load) side. The integrated overcurrent and overtemperature protection functions are fully auto-recovering, whereas overvoltage protection is latching and requires the input voltage to be reset before output power can be restored. To ensure quick and easy market access for your application, LCC250 series power supplies are tested and certified by CB report to meet all fundamentally important approvals, such as IEC60950, IEC60601 and UL/CSA/CE.

LCC250 Series Overview:
- Input: 90Vac - 264Vac / 47Hz - 63Hz
- Output power: 250W
- Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
- Protection: IP64
- Regulation control variable: CC (adjustable range 50% - 100%); 
             or CV (adjustable range +/-10%);
- Output voltage: 12V (24V, 48V)
- Tolerance band: +/-2% (ripple & noise 1%)
- Voltage compensation: +/-0.5Vdc
- Remote on/off: via signal line
- Optional: integrated heat sink
- Safety: IEC60601 / IEC60950 – UL/CSA/CE

Perhaps you, too, wish to take a closer look at this all-new power supply?

If so, we would be pleased to provide you with helpful documentation, as well as samples for testing.


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