GOODSKY: Miniature Power Relay GQ

5 and 10A rating for ambient temperatures up to 105°C

The GQ miniature power relay by GOODSKY offers a 5 and 10A rating for ambient temperatures up to 105°C in a very small housing with a space consumption on the pcb of only 180mm². The relay is UL and VDE listed and provides also a TV5 rating. AgSnO + Indium contacts secure excellent performance in case of inrush currents.

The coil consumption is only 200mW with nominal voltages starting from 3VDC. The minimum creepage distance is 8mm and the minimum clearance distances 5.5mm. The relay is produced on a fully automated production line.

Typical applications:

  • Heating controls
  • Building management
  • Time delay and control relays
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Light controls

Datasheet GOODSKY GQ relay

In case you have additional question, please contact Michael Blaha.


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