HARWIN RFI Shield Cans:

Standard and individual dimensions, low profile & more!


Small demands (prototypes) & individual dimensions = EZ Shield Can Set S01-806005KIT:

This kit is the perfect solution for small demands (such as prototypes) and if special dimensions are required.

One kit contains:
2 pre-scribed screens (80x60x0.30mm, etched lines in pitch 5mm, Nickel Silver material)
24 Shield Can Clips
IS-39 Instruction sheet

Along those etched lines screens can be cut and folded easily to achieve an individual design!

Standard RFI Shield Cans with defined dimensions:


Can be used for serial production or for all applications meeting standard dimensions.
Standard RFI Shield Cans are available in heights 5mm, 3mm and 2.5mm (low profile):

S01-30200500: 30x20x5mm
S01-30300500: 30x30x5mm
S01-50250500: 50x25x5mm

All S01 Cans are Nickel Silver with 0.30mm thickness.

S02-20150300: 20x15x3mm
S02-25200300: 25x20x3mm
S02-30200300: 30x20x2.5mm

All S02 Cans are Nickel Silver with 0.20mm thickness.


Individual RFI Shield Cans for series production (high demands):

It is possible to offer shield cans with individual dimensions. In this case please send us your requirements and your demands and we will check our possibilities.

Please download more information or contact Christian Sichtar.


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