2008-09-01  AMPHENOL ICC

To complement its Power Solutions microsite (, which provides information on a wide variety of power connector solutions, FCI has now also made available a microsite for the HCI® series ( on its homepage. Designers will thus find it easier than ever to locate their desired connector solution!

HCI technology anticipates the market’s demand for systems with increasingly higher power and power densities. A single HCI power contact can carry over 80A at a temperature of 30°C with no forced airflow. The high-current headers feature a robust guidance system and are ideally suited for high-wattage power supply applications. Ultimately, the stamped and formed HCI power contacts – initially developed by FCI for its PwrBlade ® series – offer an innovative and cost-effective alternative to the expensive screw-machined high-current contacts commonly found on the market.

The HCI connector system was developed as a solution for applications whose requirements extend beyond the capability of FCI's proven PwrBlade connector system, the industry standard for DC power supply interfaces. Currently available HCI configurations support both co-planar and backplane push in-type connection systems for boards. The fully integrated HCI design enables DC power, AC power and signal transmission within a single molded housing.

Similar to PwrBlade, the HCI system utilizes a modular design and thus offers sheer endless flexibility for implementing customized configurations. HCI features cost-effective stamped contacts and a vented but touch-proof housing to optimize airflow through the connector. This allows the convection of heat away from contact surfaces and enables the lowest product height among competing high-current connectors.


Imp_3_2008_S02_FCI_HCI Power Distribution_BILD_kl.jpg

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