2009-03-01  AMPHENOL ICC

FCI’s new ZipLine™ high-speed connector system offers the highest signal density currently available on the market, and it is now available ahead of schedule in production quantities!

Responding to the greater than expected market demand for increased signal density, FCI offers ZipLine™ connectors in orthogonal and backpanel configurations, along with the corresponding high-power connector modules, to support high-volume applications. With transmission speeds of up to 12.5Gbps and a density of up to 101 signal pairs per linear inch (25.4mm) at 1.5mm column pitch, the ZipLine™ connector system is the industry’s highest performing connector available with press-fit PCB termination. “In less than a year, we have seen wide acceptance of ZipLine™, primarily due to the need for greater (signal) density. This has allowed FCI to bring ZipLine™ to production quantities sooner than anticipated,” said Jeff O’Brien, Global Product Manager at FCI.

ZipLine™ is built upon FCI’s proven AirMax VS® technology and offers similar performance in terms of its electrical characteristics. Like AirMax VS®, the ZipLine™ connector system uses edge-coupling technology to deliver high signal density with low insertion loss and low crosstalk, all without the use of costly and space-consuming metal shields. As a result, systems can be scaled up to 12.5Gbps without necessarily requiring a re-design of the basic platform.

ZipLine™ provides flexible pin configurations, as well as the highest signal density in all three dimensions, to help system designers meet the demanding mechanical and thermal requirements. In addition to superior electrical performance and signal density, ZipLine™ offers a high degree of design versatility: The standard components for orthogonal, backpanel and power configurations can be configured in many ways, to satisfy unique application requirements without the need for new tooling or long lead times.

The ZipLine™ connector system is compatible with the hard metric system and can thus be installed next to AirMax VS® signal, power and guide modules, and next to FCI’s new HCI® power connector system.


Imp_1_2009_S06_FCI ZipLine_Bild_kl.jpg
Fig.1: FCI High-Speed Connector System
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