FCI XLerate™ High-speed I/O Cabling Solutions achieve Speeds of up to 120Gb/s in Copper and Fibre-optic Conductors

FCI, leading manufacturer of plug-in connectors and connection systems, has brought a new collection of high-speed I/O cabling solutions onto the market. XLerate™ is available with band widths from 10Gb/s up to 120Gb/s, and FCI is the first and only supplier who can provide the entire range of speeds in copper and fiber-optic options. This makes the product line the ideal solution for data centers, high-capacity computing, and switching and networking applications.

“FCI’s XLerate™ cabling solutions offer the highest band width per port and the highest hardware faceplate-port density”, says Rob Poort, General Manager Optical Solutions Group, FCI. “We are now the first and only supplier who is in a position to offer a complete and self-complementing range of active optical cables and transceivers, as well as passive copper elements.”

The XLerate™ portfolio combines copper and fiber-optic solutions which provide band widths from 10Gb/s up to 120Gb/s with a wide range of interfaces, all meeting industrial standards. Because of the limited number of discrete components in the connection, the series simplifies the design process, which makes it extremely economical. As well as this, the range also means that installation technicians, OEM’s, and VAR’s can obtain the plug connectors they need, together with EMI cages, transceivers, and optical and copper cable assemblies, all from one single manufacturer. The XLerate™ solutions support both Infiniband as well as Ethernet protocols.

XLerate™ cabling solutions are Plug-&-Play, with active optical cables (AOC), which allow for a closed optical system both for work safety and security as well as for the protection of the cables against dust contamination. The assemblies are 100 percent final-tested, assembled in a clean room, and provide best possible signal integrity, together with a total band width of up to 150Gb/s.

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