2008-03-01  HIROSE

The annually appearing edition of “Connection News” provides summarized descriptions and images of the latest products and developments at HIROSE.

HIROSE is one of the world’s leading connector manufacturers and innovators. Backed by exceptional design ingenuity, its products have been setting market standards since 1937. The following are just some of the latest products to be found the current edition of “Connection News:”

-) ZX series (Micro-USB solution offering 25% board space savings over Mini-USB)

-) FH35 + FH36 (flip-lock style FPC connectors with 0.3mm pitch and 0.9mm height) 

-) DF37 (Board-to-Board / Board-to-FPC, mated height of 1mm and 0.4mm pitch) 

-) DM3 series (MicroSD / Transflash card reader available in 4 different versions)

-) W.FL2 (ultra-compact SMT coaxial connector with a height of 1.18mm)

-) MDF51 (2-position high-voltage connector for user-friendly and secure mating)

-) HR25A series (miniature push-pull locking circular connector with a diameter of 11mm)

-) TM24R series (high-speed Ethernet connector designed i.a.w. the CAT7 standard)

-) FX15 series (LVDS connector with side catchers and optional shielding)

Detailed data sheets are available on request from CODICO, and they can also be conveniently downloaded online at:

Imp_1_2008_S09_HIROSE_Connection News_ZX_Bild1_kl.jpg
Fig.1: ZX Series
Imp_1_2008_S09_HIROSE_Connection News_FH35_Bild2_kl.jpg
Fig.2: FH35 + FH36
Imp_1_2008_S09_HIROSE_Connection News_DM3_Bild3_kl.jpg
Fig.3: DF37, DM3 Series
Imp_1_2008_S09_HIROSE_Connection News_FX15_Bild4_kl.jpg
Fig.4: W.Fl2, MDF51, HR25A Series, TM24R Series, FX15 Series

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