2010-10-11  HIROSE

DF57 Series, 1.2mm Pitch, Wire to Board Connector for Power Supplies

HIROSE has launched the new DF57 range of headers, sockets and crimp contacts to meet wit the demand for smaller yet better performing connectors.

The connector has been designed with space saving mind, it only occupies 18mm² or 23mm² approximate board space for the two and three contact position respectively, the height profile is a mere 1.4mm. Power performance is not compromised by the small size, an impressive 2 amp current rating per contact is realised.

High reliability is guaranteed with HIROSE’s „Swing Lock“ offering a unique double locking mechanism. During the mating operation the receptacle is inserted into the header at a slight angle by offering the cable end in first, this engages with the positive lock. The mating operation is then finished by „swinging“ the other end of the receptacle in to engage with the friction lock which provides a tactile click sensation to confirm correct mating. It also prevents the receptacle from floating. The positive lock can withstand a minimum of 5N of cable pull force ensuring that the socket can not be accidentally removed from the header. A small lever makes the unmating process very quick and easy. Durability is achieved with 30 mating cycles.

Blade contacts, reowned for their strength are utilised to prevent damage against any cable wreching forces, these are positioned within a strengthened housing lance to increase the retention further. A long effective contact mating length of 0.42mm ensures good electrical continuity. The termination contacts on the header are fully molded into the insulator to eliminate any gaps to prevent solder wicking.

This range is available in 2 and 3 positions and a 4 position is currently in development, these can accept AWG 3- - 28 cable sizes. These are ideal for LED displays, touch panels, small motors, industrial robots, LED lighting modules, digital camera’s and many more devices needing more power.

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