HIROSE: DF59S Series

Small & Low Profile Monopole Connector for LED LightingHigh Current, Low Profile Mono-Pole Connectors

HIROSE would like to announce the new DF59S series connector system. It is primarily dedicated for the LED lighting market but also for other applications where small connectors are required.

The connector range consists of a joint plug and a board mounted receptacle to give a board-to-board coplanar connection. The receptacle is unmolded to significantly reduce the depth profile of the connector to make it ultra slim to minimise board space. The low mated height profile is only 1.18mm.

The DF59S features a unique 3-Axis floating structure. This permits movement of +/- 0.5mm in X and Y directions, and +/- 0.2mm in Z direction allowing design flexibility during the installation when multiple boards are used. Special innovative, robust, stress free contacts protects the contact area from any mechanical stress during the floating process.

The joint plug’s contacts are fully recessed into the housing insulator to prevent short circuits. The receptacle features a friction lock that provides a positive tactile sensation and an audible click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection.

Despite the small size, DF59S can accept a high current rating of 3A. Furthermore, the creepage distance from the board edge to the contact pad satisfies the requirement of IEC60664-1 under 250V voltage rating condition.

When 350V voltage rating is applied, the creepage distance is only 3mm between contact pads.

A wire-to-board and short-circuit plug version, designed to mate with the existing receptacle, are under development to offer a complete multifunctional 3-way system in the future.

Key Features
• Contact positions: 1
• Current rating: 3A
• Voltage rating: AC/DC 350V (250V to support IEC60664-1)
• Mating cycles: 10
• Temperature rating: -35°C to +105°C
• Floating structure
• Halogen free

Suitable applications are LED lighting, battery connections, small DC motor drives, power supplies and other small devices.

D59S Series from HIROSE
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