HIROSE: FH52K – FFC/FPC Automotive connector with 125°C heat resistance


Temperature range -40°C to +125°C

HIROSE has introduced the FH52 series to meet the requirements for highly reliable and robust flat flexible cable/flat printed circuit (FPC/FFC) connectors.
The FH52 series can withstand higher operating temperatures than standard FPC/FFC connectors, particularly FH52K series that has an extended temperature range up to 125°C. Due to this extraordinary heat resistance the connector satisfies the needs of severe automotive requirements.

The insertion of the FPC/FFC into the connector is user-friendly due to the wide 110° opening range of the rotating actuator. Special cavities on each side of the connector, known as ‘side catchers’ are provided to hold a tabbed FPC/FFC in place. FH52K series is designed with L-shaped metal fittings to allow visual inspection of the soldering process from the top. In addition, an enhanced PCB retention force of approximately 90N can be achieved.

Key Features
• Temperature range -40°C to +125°C
• Number of contacts: 32, 34 (others in development and on request)
• Pitch: 0.5mm
• Current rating: 0.5A
• Voltage rating: AC/DC 50V
• Meets automotive requirements
• Halogen Free

Ideal applications are car infotainment, satellite navigation for vehicles, multifunctional office equipment, LCD/Digital TV, DVD players and many other devices needing a robust connectivity solution.

For detailed information (datasheet, quotation, samples, ..) please don’t hesitate to contact Julia Reiterer.


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