HIROSE FX20 Series

This series has been introduced to meet the demand for floating connector in applications.

The header connector has a unique floating structure embedded inside the fixed base of the housing. This allows an alignment movement in XY directions of +/- 0.6mm minimum to absorb mounting misalignment, vibration and dimensional errors.

Large mating guides on each side of the connector allow for an alignment movement of +/- 1.2mm in XY directions to simplify the mating operation and prevent incorrect insertion.

The receptacle features highly reliable double beam contacts. Each contact beam has a different vibration characteristic due to different contact forces that widens the frequency range to avoid resonance. This allows high vibration resistance and increased contact reliability. Furthermore the first beam contact has a self-cleaning function which eliminates dust from the contact path of the second beam contact.

Despite the fine pitch of 0.5mm, each contact has the current handling capacity of 0.5A. The contact area is protected from solder wicking and penetration of flux due to the clearance between the contact and housing to prevent capillary action. The PCB layout design allows PCB patterning underneath the connector for design flexibility.

HIROSE’s popular FX18 high speed, board to board connector series shares the same stack height variants as FX20, therefore both can be combined on the same PCB to offer a high speed and high current capability.

Ideal applications are industrial equipment, broadcast equipment, smart meters, medical devices, BTS, measuring instruments and projectors.

Key Features
• 40, 60, 80, & 120 contact positions (100 & 140 positions under development)
• 0.5mm pitch
• 0.5A current rating
• 50V voltage rating
• High contact reliability
• Stack heights 15, 20, 25 & 30mm

FX20 Series from HIROSE
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