HIROSE: Fully waterproof

2014-05-08  HIROSE

HR41 Series, High Current Capacity, IP68 Waterproof, Circular Connector

HIROSE has introduced the HR41 range to meet the requirement for high powered connectors offering advanced reliability in outdoor harsh environments.

The connector range consists of bayonet locking, cable mount plugs and panel mount receptacles that have the capacity to handle up to 20A (Amps).

The HR41 is optimised for easy field assembly with a standard market commodity crimp tool. A visual and tactile raised mating indicator is present on the plug and receptacle to aid the mating operation in dark conditions. The cable can be clamped and the waterproof gasket sealed in one simultaneous step without additional tooling. The anti loosening mechanism ensures that the tightening ring securing the cable will not come loose during operation.

The innovative connector design incorporates a sequential contact structure. The contacts are arranged in sequence to ensure the ground contact is connected before the power contacts during the mating process to ensure safety. In addition, housing walls protect the contacts and ensures a long creepage distance.

The light weight housing is robust and resistant against harsh environmental conditions, such as  sunshine (2000 hr tested), salt spray (1500 hr tested) and water intrusion (IP68 rated). In addition, HR41 is resistant against 15kV lightning surges due to the special housing wall structure.

A contact removal tool is available to quickly remove the contact from the housing.  

Key Features:

• Contact positions: 3 & 5
• Current rating: 20A
• Voltage rating: AC/DC 400V (3 Pos.) AC 600V/DC 400V (5 Pos.)
• Lightning surge protection:15kV
• Waterproof rating: IP68
• Locking mechanism: Bayonet
• Compliance: 2000 hr sunshine weather test. 1500 hr salt spray

Ideal applications are LED lighting, tunnel lighting, construction lighting, fishing lighting, offshore lighting, robots, electronic toll systems and other industrial applications.

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