HIROSE / SINBON – Rugged ready overmolded solutions

Turning your custom specifications into real products through creativity and innovation

CODICO does not just provide cable assemblies. We also provide together with our cable assembly partners vertically integrated total solutions that encompass 3D molding design service, in-house tooling shop, raw cable design and extrusion, testing, and automation of the assembly process. The extensive range of solutions that we offer can even be tailored to customers' needs. From mold designs and mold tooling, to the design and production of a new product from the ground up, we have experts to make sure customers' requirements are perfectly met.

We are more than pleased to model your drawfted idea (even on a napkin) and make the product deliverable to the market.

Together with our partners we have extensive knowledge of raw cable design that we can help customers select suitable materials to meet their requirements for impedance control and environmental ruggedness, such as oil, chemical, UV and wear resitance as well as low temperature flexibility.

We have already existing molding tools for some popular HIROSE connector families, representative examples are I/O Series 3500 (Picture 3), Push-Pull Circular connectors HR30 (Picture 4) or Full Metal Circular connector series LF (Picture 5).

We can also offer customer specific solutions for RF CABLE ASSEMBLY and Antenna Frequency/Technology (Picture 6).  

Are you interested? Just send your enquiries and we will support you!

Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
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