2012-10-16  CODICO News  
CODICO was able to attract the attention of HIRSCHMANN CAR COMMUNICATION in the past year by offering particular services.

The company has now presented CODICO with the “Supplier Award”. With this prize the company honors those suppliers who in the previous year have impressed in terms of quality, service, reliability, technology and pricing. “Our company has grown so quickly and successfully in recent years, because our suppliers have done such an excellent job”, emphasized Ludwig Geis, CEO of HIRSCHMANN CAR COMMUNICATION GmbH on the occasion of the prize award on August 3, 2012 in the presence of the CEO, represented by Paul Pohoralek, Sales Manager, and Key Account Manager, Ralf Tymosch, for the prize winners. The prize was awarded to CODICO in recognition of its reliability of supplies of active electronic components.

“Our customers demand a high standard of quality from us”, said Geis. “In order to keep this standard at a consistently high level, it is necessary for us to be able to rely on the quality and reliability of our suppliers. Two hundred companies from all around the world help us in this task every day and we honor the efforts of our best suppliers with the ‘Supplier Award’.” The intention of the award is to honor those suppliers in particular who have contributed to the lasting success and economic growth of the company. The award is presented in four additional categories: passive electronic components, mechanical components, electronic manufacturing services and special support. The award serves as a recognition of outstanding work and should provide motivation for continuing the business partnership in future.

We would hereby like to offer our sincere thanks for the excellent collaboration with HIRSCHMANN CAR COMMUNICATION GmbH and the confidence they have shown in us.

F.l.t.r.: Christian Drees & Ludwig Geis (HIRSCHMANN), Paul Pohoralek & Ral Tymosch (CODICO)
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