High-Light: Low-cost Drivers for Mid-power LEDs

With the LYTSwitch-0 Series from Power Integrations, low-cost and efficient LED drivers can be created for up to 6W

For LED actuation in the retrofit lamp sector, there are three important factors to be considered:  Costs, efficiency, and space. The LYTSwitch-0 is Power Integrations’ answer to these challenges.

With a total of only 13 components, this allows for the supply of 12 LEDs of the 0.5W class in series at 110mA. With a power factor of 0.52, circuits with the LYT-0 can achieve >91% efficiency at 240 V input voltage.

The driver module operates in this context at a frequency of 66 kHz. With specified fluctuations of +/- 4 kHz around the fixed frequency, the EMC peak radiation is reduced, which allows for the use of simpler filters.

With the RDR-355 design kit, PI provides a complete and ready design for AC input voltages from 90 to 265V with 54V at the output and 110mA power rating. As well as the complete circuit ready to run (PCB in the form of a GU10 socket), an empty PCB, sample modules, and detailed documentation are provided, with description of the design and measurement protocols.  

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