Highest Connection Reliability with Quick-Locking SPEEDTEC®

2012-04-23  Connectors & Cable Assemblies   

Whenever speed is of the essence or space gets tight, INTERCONTEC gets the job done in seconds thanks to the superior functionality of the quick-locking speedtec® system!

Functional Housing Design:

The flat bevels on the housing surface provide the user with an orientation aid for visual and haptic control of the connection process. As a result, a single glance or touch is enough to confirm that the connection is secure.

Unmatched Safety and Reliability:

Three supplementary, advanced coding elements in the housing make incorrect assembly impossible: The plastic coding elements and pins cannot be damaged, even when connection occurs under adverse conditions (e.g., under the table, overhead, “blind” or when in a hurry). This makes the quick-locking speedtec® connector the most reliable of its kind.

Secure Locking:

Thanks to a clear travel limiting mechanism, the connector can only be locked once the contacts are fully mated.

Highest Operational Reliability:
* IP66 and IP67 protection
* 360° EMC shielding
* UL / CSA approval
* The locking mechanism securely protects against unintentional disconnection
* Vibration and shock resistant to 25g’s in three axes

Backward Compatible to Standard Cable Connectors with Threaded Couplings:

Plant and equipment manufacturers can always be confident about using speedtec® in their installations because the connector interface is backward compatible to conventional threaded cable connectors.

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