Hybrid Power Inductors from SAGAMI

2015-05-12  Passive Components   SAGAMI

The space-saving solution!

For years, the performance of SAGAMI power choke inductors are characterized as high-quality and reliable components, particularly well-suited for automotive and industrial applications.

In addition to the standard series 7E and the 150°C CER, SAGAMI introduced the first SMD hybrid version “HER" to the market. The HER series units are made of a special ferrite mixture composed of the ferrite materials manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc.

Because of this special material composition, higher rated currents and more compact design arrangements can be achieved in comparison with conventional ferrite cores. Setting in relation the rated current values of the two series 7E and CER, the outcome confirms that the HER series are higher by 20 % and 40 %. This means, there are two very relevant advantages namely weight and space savings.

Let’s not forget the high inductance values of the hybrid version. While with conventional iron powder cores the maximum values go up to 12µH, the HER series achieves about 820µH. This new product design means the chokes are smaller but have a much higher performance in capacity. These two main characteristics offer an innovative solution for applications where space is limited.

The hybrid series is available in the following sizes: 8x8mm, 10x10mm, and 12x12mm with possible heights from 4.5mm up to 8mm. The inductance range is specified between 1µH and 820µH with a saturation current value from 1.5A up to 26.3A. Smaller dimensions are already in construction and will be available in near future (mid of 2015).

• Higher allowable current characteristics
• Weight and space savings
• Various choices in height
• 8mm and 10mm size meets the requirements of AEC-Q200
• AEC-Q200 qualification for the remaining types is planned
• SMD version
• Temperature range -40°C to +125°C

Samples available on request. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Sagami HER
Sagami HER
Miniaturisierung: 30% Platzeinsparung bei gleichem oder höherem Strom!
Sagami HER
Sagami HER
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