Withstanding voltage up to 100V and extended capacitance values.

The new ZLJ targets applications for which current capacity and load life are the most important factors. The improved design is made possible by the use of a new material for the seal, as well as a specialized electrolyte with higher self-heating characteristics. These low-ESR capacitors offer a load life of 7,000h for 5x11 can sizes and 10,000h for versions measuring 16mm in length – at 105°C and full ripple current.

ZLJ Series Overview:
- Rated voltage range :  6.3V - 100V
New voltage values-->  6.3V, 63V, 80V, 100V
- Capacitance :   8.2µF (50V) – 8,200µF (10V)
- Rated current:   up to 2.9A (10mm x 25mm)
- Dimensions :   5mm x 11mm - 18mm x 40mm
       New can sizes-->  up to 50V: 12.5 x 20mm ~ 16 x 25mm over 63V: 5 x 11 ~ 18 x 40mm
- Temperature range :  -40°C to +105°C
- Load life (guaranteed) :  6,000h – 10,000h at 105°C and full ripple current

Performance comparison for 63V / 10mm x 16mm version:

Compared to the ZLH, the ZLJ series offers between 10% and 30% higher ripple current capacity, as well as longer load life. As a result, the ZLJ is ideal for applications requiring a long-life capacitor operating at high temperatures (e.g., power supplies for LED lighting), and where a more compact size with equal or improved current performance is needed.

Miniaturize your application:

If you are seeking a more compact elcap solution that offers equal or higher current capacity to existing alternatives, but with slightly lower capacitance values, then the ZLJ fits the bill!

The following example shows how height and/or can diameter have been reduced in comparison to the ZLH series.

Has the above piqued your interest?

If so, we would be pleased to send you more detailed information and samples on request!


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