2009-03-01  SILVERTEL

SILVERTEL’s Ag102 modules are charge regulators with integrated microcontrollers for the optimized charging of 12V lead or lead-gel battery accumulators with a 1.2Ah to 7Ah capacity, to include the monitoring of parameters that are critical to long battery life. According to the manufacturer, the modules increase the useable life expectancy of SLA accumulators to 10 years, while they also provide a state indication for the energy storage mediums. Because they are prone to requiring maintenance, SLA (sealed lead acid) accumulators tend to be compared unfavorably, to a certain extent, by the providers of newer technologies, such as supercaps, for example. However, the price-performance ratio of long trusted lead technology remains very good, as long as the battery cells are not “abused” – i.e., as long as they are used according to the specifications. Thus, for applications in which accumulator weight is not an important factor, PB solutions must be considered within the overall equation.

SILVERTEL’s microprocessor-controlled charging technology makes use of a multi-stage principle with a constant current bulk mode, 2-phase constant voltage absorption charge and a pulsed “top-up” float charge, to include cyclical capacitance control. The Ag102 features a space-saving SIL module design, with a surface area of 56mm x 11mm max. at an installed height of 14mm above the PCB. The modules accept an input voltage of 9VDC to 36VDC, while the operating temperature range under natural convection cooling is specified at -20°C to +50°C. A critical parameter for SLA accumulators is the need for relatively precise charge compensation in proportion to the temperature, thus the modules are equipped with a dedicated connection for an NTC thermal sensor that attaches directly to the accumulator. They also integrate the following protective functions: battery reverse polarity, overcurrent and short-circuit protection, as well as automatic overtemperature shitdown when the battery reaches +50°C.

The Ag102’s fault signaling package monitors operation and provides indications for the following abnormal conditions: battery capacity warning, defective or disconnected battery, overtemperature and overcurrent.

Specifications in Brief:

Battery types: 12V / 1.2Ah - 7Ah, SLA-Pb accumulators

Operating principle: uC-optimized, multi-stage charging

Battery status indicator

Fault signaling

Input: 9VDC to 36VDC

Ambient temperature range: -20°C to +50°C

Construction design: open SIL module

Dimensions (in mm): 56 x 11 (max.) / h=14

Temperature compensation: NTC thermal sensor


Imp_1_2009_A09_SILERTEL_Laderegler Modul_Bild_kl.jpg

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