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2013-11-07  Optoelectronics   

MINDSPEED Comcerto® 2000

Mindspeed's delivering solutions based on Comcerto® 2000 communications processors for DECT ULE-Powered Gateways, LTE Gateways, and NAS applications

Mindspeed Technologies and DSP Group®, a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, collaborates on integrating DSP Group's DECT-ULE (Ultra Low Energy) solutions across Mindspeed's Comcerto® 2000 family of processors, which target home gateways and other network applications, offering superior technology for Wireless Home Area Networks (HAN).

Devices incorporating DECT technology for home monitoring and automation are already widespread with more than 500 million homes utilizing this wireless standard today. DECT-ULE, a low power consumption radio technology based on the DECT standard, is ideally suited for home automation and other Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications and provides numerous advantages over other radio technologies. Notably, DECT-ULE best-in-class features include interference-free spectrum, long range, low cost, easy installation, and ultra-low power consumption with no compromise on audio or telephony performance. DECT-ULE provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other competitive solutions and leverages DECT's reliability and large installed base of households using it for telephony and monitoring today.  

In the framework of the initiative between the two companies, Mindspeed®'s Comcerto 2000 communications processor will integrate DSP Group's DECT-ULE hardware and software solutions. The joint solution will meet and exceed the requirements of the advanced gateway market, offering sophisticated telephony and home automation features that meet next-generation CAT-iq and ULE standards.  

Mindspeed is ready to provide its customers with a complete hardware reference design and software. Comcerto 2000 is an ARM® Cortex™-A9 powered solution that is ideal for running OSGI or Android™, which with DSP Group's DECT-ULE solution on board, will enable a new class of broadband subscriber services including home automation, security, energy management and e-healthcare.  

By integrating DSP Group® DECT-ULE solution into Mindspeed gateway processors, providers adopting Mindspeed's Comcerto 2000 will be able to enrich their HD telephony offerings by including wireless home automation solutions utilizing superior DECT-ULE technology.    

MINDSPEED Technologies and Sequans Communications offer a joint solution for LTE fixed wireless gateways.  

Mindspeed Technologies and Sequans Communications, an LTE chipmaker, announced their successful collaboration in delivering a fully integrated Category-4 LTE fixed wireless gateway reference design for broadband access and other connected home services. The solution combines the industry-leading capabilities of an LTE baseband chip from Sequans and the Comcerto® 2000 communications processor from Mindspeed.  

By partnering to offer a pre-integrated and pre-certified Cat-4 solution which combines Sequans' LTE SQN3120 baseband chip and Mindspeed®'s Comcerto 2000 communications processor, the two companies jointly enable equipment and device manufacturers to efficiently address the fixed wireless gateway market for home and small business users.  

Also, Mindspeed Technologies and D2 Technologies, a market leader in mobile IP communications software, announced the successful integration of D2's vPort GW 2.0 embedded IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) software on Mindspeed's Comcerto® 2000 content-aware network processor.  

D2 Technologies' vPort GW 2.0 IMS VoLTE client software offers broadband service providers a carrier grade, interoperable solution to enable high-quality voice-over-IP in wireless client devices. The vPort GW 2.0 embedded client is fully IR.92 VoLTE compliant and includes support for IMS session initiation protocol (SIP), short message service (SMS) over IP, short message peer-to-peer (SMPP), ISIM and USIM authentication and registration, XCAP call supplemental services, and key voice engine components.  

LTE in fixed mode has been an important element of many countries' universal broadband plans, as a more flexible alternative to DSL which can also support mobility. Moreover, some carriers are looking to replace ageing DSL networks with LTE, where a fiber upgrade would be impractical or too expensive. Reference designs will be important to reduce cost and time-to-market for this valuable carrier option.  

Mindspeed has a strong market presence in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications and their Comcerto 2000 chip combines perfectly with our LTE chipset to deliver a high-performance, feature-rich solution. Mindspeed, Sequans and D2 Technologies enable carriers to offer residential and small business users multiple rich services, including internet access, video streaming, and VoLTE, over the LTE network.

Sequans and Mindspeed's LTE gateway solution provides a compelling alternative to DSL or fiber. With the 150 Mbps download speeds enabled by Sequans' LTE technology, Mindspeed and Sequans joint reference design offers an effective alternative to wireline broadband wherever wireline access is unavailable or where VDSL or FTTH are too expensive to deploy.  

The system integration of D2's IMS/VoLTE software illustrates the unique capabilities of the Comcerto 2000 processor for applications involving a category 4-LTE network access, dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi (n+ac), gigabit networking and high-performance storage. In addition, it successfully integrates of D2's signaling stack with Mindspeed's carrier grade voice codecs.  

By integrating D2's IMS software with Mindspeed's carrier grade VoIP solution, the integration of D2's IMS/VoLTE software on Mindspeed's Comcerto® 2000 offers carriers, OEMs and ODMs a turnkey solution to run VoLTE on Comcerto 2000-powered wireless gateways. VoLTE and IMS will gradually become essential components of fixed wireless gateways as more and more carriers will mandate the use of IMS for voice traffic over their LTE network.  

Mindspeed's Comcerto 2000 processor family combines the processing power of a dual core ARM Cortex™-A9 CPU running at 1.2GHz with gigabit class hardware accelerators to address applications as diverse as high-performance home gateways, network attached storage, small and medium business routers, voice appliances, etc. The Open Packet Acceleration Logic (OPAL™) technology integrated in the Comcerto 2000 includes programmable hardware accelerators for networking, security and deep packet inspection delivering the full potential of new technologies such as Wi-Fi 11ac, LTE and MoCA2.0 in next generation networking equipment.  

With dual 1.2GHz ARM Cortex™-A9 processors, the carrier-grade Comcerto 2000 solution supports voice-over LTE (VoLTE) and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) frameworks. The products use intelligent offloading engines that enable Gigabit class networking to run concurrently with the Cat-4 LTE link, while leaving plenty of CPU headroom for user applications such as JVM/OSGI bundles. Comcerto 2000 LTE routers easily support simultaneous 2Gbps IPv6 NAT routing, firewall, IPSec and 1.2Gbps Wi-Fi.    

MINDSPEED Technologies and Lionic Corporation collaborate on antivirus solutions for Deep Packet Inspection  

Mindspeed Technologies and Lionic Corporation, a worldwide supplier of innovative network security solutions, announced that the fully integrated Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine in Mindspeed®'s Comcerto® 2000 communication processor family supports Lionic's leading edge antivirus software.  

By enabling advanced and versatile capabilities, such as application-dependent quality of service (QoS), advanced parental controls, keyword filtering, URL filtering and now antivirus DPI technology is quickly becoming a must-have capability for broadband-enabled homes and businesses. While traditional antivirus applications rely on a personal computer's central processing unit (CPU) to scan incoming, outgoing and stored content, their scanning algorithms are very "processing-intense" and make an unfriendly match in embedded designs, where low power and high CPU availability are critical. Mindspeed's Comcerto 2000 communications processor family overcomes this design impasse with an integrated DPI engine, which is specifically designed for pattern matching operations, such as virus scanning.  

Features of Lionic's antivirus application running on the Comcerto 2000's deep packet inspection engine include high-performance scanning, taking full advantage of integrated DPI engine, scanning of streaming traffic as well as stored data within the file system, Linux iNotify support for minimally invasive scanning, and support for remote drive scanning.  

The deep packet inspection engine integrated in the Comcerto 2000 is the perfect vehicle to introduce deep packet inspection technology in the home. Leading NAS vendors can thus enable DPI antivirus in one of the most strategic and vulnerable boxes in the home, offer application-based quality of service in broadband gateways, and leverage the practical value of DPI technology to future generations of storage and content sharing devices  

Consumers' desire to store, share and access media assets both inside and outside the home has fuelled a fast growing network-attached storage (NAS) market. The rapid deployment of networked storage, and the increasing complexity of residential networks have raised a number of security challenges, in which the storage box plays a strategic role as transit point for much of the content circulating inside the home. It is therefore essential that NAS devices be adequately protected from viruses, malware, trojans and other threats.  

With advanced DPI functionality now part of its Open Packet Acceleration Logic (OPAL™) gigabit acceleration technology, the Comcerto 2000 and its powerful dual 1.2GHz ARM Cortex™-A9, are ideally suited to many compelling carrier class products found in broadband-enabled residences and small-to-medium business (SMB) settings. Mindspeed's Comcerto 2000 processors use intelligent offloading to run wire-rate Gigabit-per-second IPv6 NAT and firewall applications while keeping their 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processors fully available for executing value-added applications, from OEMs or service providers.

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