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QUALCOMM Atheros and WISTRON have teamed up

Over the next few years, an increasing number of devices will be equipped in order to automatically send and receive data via the Internet. According to official estimates, as early as 2015, more than 6 billion devices will be connected to each other via the Internet. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a vision but rather already a reality. Therefore it is hardly surprising that more and more manufacturers are converting their systems and devices accordingly. With regard to Wi-Fi, the aim is to achieve increasingly smaller and compact solutions, which, at the same time, cost even less. Low-Power is also an important factor, since devices are often powered by a battery. WISTRON has responded to this demand by offering a Wi-Fi module solution based on the new IoT chip by QUALCOMM Atheros.

In the last edition of Impulse, we have already extensively described the new Wi-Fi solution by QUALCOMM Atheros, which was optimised specifically for IoT applications with a focus on Low-Power and Low-Cost. This solution is based on a single highly integrated chip called QCA4002. Thanks to its serial interfaces, it allows quick and easy integration into a MCU-based system environment. For simple applications, the QCA4002 can be controlled through UART via AT commands, whereas, if a higher data throughput and increased protocol functionality are required, an SPI interface can be used as an alternative. In order to do this, the corresponding Open Source API drivers must be ported to the host MCUs, which are provided as C-Code by QUALCOMM Atheros.

In both cases, users can benefit from a specific feature: the entire TCP/IP protocol stack, as well as higher application protocols, i.e. HTTP, DHCP and DNS, are already integrated into the QCA4002. As a result, no profound knowledge concerning Wi-Fi is required during development, and users can focus on the core application on their host MCU.

Although the QCA4002 already comprises many RF components, many customers are shying away from the expenses of having their own RF designs, as well as final calibration and certification procedures. In order to lighten this burden, the company WISTRON, which closely cooperates with QUALCOMM Atheros, offers a module called DNSA-141, which is based on the QCA4002 and has therefore inherited all its outstanding features. Measuring only 20mm x 25mm, the certified module can be as easily connected via SPI or UART to a host MCU as the QCA4002 itself, however it does not require an RF design, calibration and final product certification. This module also supports the low-power features integrated into the QCA4002, such as the Low Power Listen, Green Tx Power Saving or the IEEE Sleep Mode.

No matter which solution you choose, whether the QCA4002 or the DNSA-141, with CODICO you can rely on a competent and experienced partner for your Wi-Fi design. Please contact us!

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QCA4002 Blockdiagramm
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