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Precision measurement technology sets new standards in the measurement of current, voltage, and temperatures

ISABELLENHÜTTE is an independent family business from Germany with sustained profitable growth. And the highly qualified and dedicated staff really enjoy keeping the company on top. The firm is among the most significant manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement, as well as of passive components for the automobile, electrical, and electronics industry.

Precision measurement technology sets new standards in the measurement of current, voltage, and temperatures in cars and trucks, in hybrid and electric vehicles, and in renewable energy generating systems. In close co-operation with customers, ISABELLENHÜTTE develops new materials, products, and innovative solutions, while helping to set worldwide standards in current, voltage, and temperature measurement technology.

Quality and Technology
To achieve the greatest possible manufacturing depth in the value-adding processes, the different production sectors interact with one another in a way that may indeed be unique anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the concentration of all the production stages, from the melt to the rolling mill, the complete manufacture of the component elements and measurement modules, and right up to final testing, at one location, a flexible and completely independent production becomes possible, and this enables Isabellenhütte to provide the finest quality, always, with complete control over development, production, quality management, and quality assurance. All the series of products meet the most stringent requirements with regard to thermoelectric force, long-term stability, inductivity, and load capacity.

The quality management system is implemented in accordance with the Standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16949:2009.

ISABELLENHÜTTE is also certified in accordance with the ESCC System of the European Space Agency (ESA), which awards them the status of “qualified supplier” of resistors for aerospace applications. 

Research & Development
For decades, ISABELLENHÜTTE has been providing unconditional quality and innovative solutions. And to guarantee that this continues so in the future, and to stay always one step ahead of the competition, ISABELLENHÜTTE consistently welcomes new challenges.

True to the motto “Acting instead of Reacting”, the Research and Development department has always occupied a very special position within the company. In this context, it is often very specific individual problems from the customers which provide the incentive for a new development, and so become the foundation for innovative solutions for an entire market segment.

Product portfolio
As one of the world’s leading suppliers, ISABELLENHÜTTE produces top quality precision and power resistors in the low-resistance range for the most widely differing requirements. When the need is to achieve the best possible measurement results in the smallest possible space, we have the best possible products for your applications.

Products from ISABELLENHÜTTE fulfil the most stringent demands for temperature coefficients (TC), thermoelectric voltage, long-term stability, inductance values, and load capacity. Because these properties are influenced both by the resistance materials used as well as by the design and technology, there are two fundamentally different manufacturing technologies to choose from:

ISA-PLAN® resistors are manufactured from etched homogeneous precision resistance alloys, such as MANGANIN® or ZERANIN®. These are mounted, electrically isolated, on a thermally conductive metal substrate. Because the materials have a low temperature coefficient of less than 10 ppm/K, and can be thermoelectrically optimally adapted to copper, thermoelectric voltages can be reduced close to zero. In addition, the good heat dissipation into the substrate, combined with its high thermal capacity, make for an excellent pulse load capacity.

ISA-WELD® resistors are manufactured from solid electron-beam welded composite material formed from copper and resistance alloys, such as MANGANIN®, ZERANIN®, ISAOHM® or Aluchrom. In terms of stamping and bending technology, the resistors can be adapted to almost any shape or application. Added to these features are many other advantages, such as the comparatively low lead resistance of the copper connections, their high thermal conductivity and heat storage capacity, and the resulting uniform current density and heat distribution in the resistor. They are particularly well-suited for the extremely low-resistance range below 5mOhm. ISA-WELD® components are available in both SMD format as well as for power busbar mounting.

Applications and Markets
Precision and power resistors from ISABELLENHÜTTE are always in demand where quality is essential and needs to satisfy standardized as well as unique requirements. In the automotive sector in particular, these products are used in the most widely differing systems. These include, for example, engine control, injection systems, or driving assistance and energy management systems, as well as applications such as ignition, lighting systems, water pumps, transmissions, and locking systems.

In industrial and power electronics too, energy measurement, telecommunications, and medical technology, resistors from Isabellenhütte form the “inner values” that really count. In drive systems they are used, among other areas, in frequency inverters, high-current applications, PFC circuits, power modules, and as precharging resistors for power supply units.

ISA-WELD® resistors
ISA-WELD® resistors
ISA-WELD® resistors
ISA-WELD® resistors
ISA-PLAN® resistors
ISA-PLAN® resistors
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