KDS Daishinku – Approved crystal unit DSX211G for QUALCOMM QCC512X series

crystal unit DSX211G for QUALCOMM QCC512X series

In our June newsletter, we introduced the Low Power Bluetooth Audio SoC Series QCC512X from QUALCOMM. This Bluetooth 5.0 chipset meets higher audio quality requirements and extended battery lifetime compared to previous single-chip Bluetooth audio solutions.

We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the crystal unit DSX211G (32MHz) which is made by KDS Daishinku and approved by QUALCOMM for the QCC512X series. Usually, manufacturers recommend "seam-seal" types for this type of applications, which comes with a cost disadvantage when compared to the "glass-seal" types. DSX211G, which is a glass sealing type crystal, offers the same accuracy as standard seam sealing types, but provides the additional advantage of cost-saving.

Since each board is different and deviations can affect the vibration behavior, CODICO offers to check your oscillation circuit and, if needed, also the possibility to perform a crystal oscillation-matching test on your PCB. This ensures the optimal functionality of the circuit as well as its movement within the required tolerance range. Once you consider starting your design with QCC512X, please feel free to contact Yasunobu Ikuno or your near CODICO contact.

DSX211G 32MHz Features:

  • Dimension 2x1.6mm
  • Height max 0.8mm
  • Frequency tolerance at 25°C: ±20ppm

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