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Gigabit Ethernet PHY for industrial applications

More and more industrial applications are using Ethernet with 1,000 Mbps data transmission rate and are going to replace or upgrade the currently dominant 10/100 Mbps variant.

Because of several reasons at Gigabit Ethernet speed the line adapting circuits - the PHYs - are not built into the controller and switches and are still externally. To address this market the new XWAYTM PHY11G Gigabit Ethernet PHY "PEF 7071" from LANTIQ is now available.

The chip is housed in very small 7x7mm, 48-Pin, Very Thin Quad Flat Non-leaded (VQFN) package and offers the most relevant interfaces RGMII and SGMII (Serdes up to 1.25 Git/s interfaces available). With that, it supports the Ethernet functions 10 Base-T, 100 Base-TX und 1000 Base-T in copper applications. For simple functional demonstration of the XWAYTM PHY11G a demo board is available called "EASY 7071 Reference Board". On the board there are two full function transmission paths each equipped with XWAYTM PHY11G chip as well as an Ethernet Switch, which connects both paths. The board is powered via an USB interface. The yellow frame shows how compact the integration of the XWAYTM PHY11G design is and how less external components are required. To support a close to production implementation of the PEF 7071 design customers can download a reference design and Application Note from LANTIQ´s web based customer portal. Besides other informations, it contains proposals for the external circuitry. By following this proposals a fast and assured design success are warranted.

Main features of the XWAYTM PHY11G are:

  • Single supply voltage of 2.5V or 3.3V
  • Power dissipation as low as 160 mW at 100 Base-T and 400 mW in 1000 Base-T mode; in idle mode even 100 mW only
  • Support of Energy Efficient Ethernet Pre-Standard (IEEE802.3az) and with that power dissipation reduction of up to 40%
  • Power saving features "Wake-On-LAN" and "Auto-Power-Down Mode"
  • Pin strapping, means simple configuration of the chip by using the novel soft pin strapping feature available for the LED pins
  • Extended loop reach in Gigabit Mode of up to 120 meter
  • Support of cable diagnostics
  • Low area and low eBOM and with that low system cost
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