TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR’s XC6225 series of LDOs are available in an extremely small USP-4 package (1.2mm x 1.6mm x 0.6mm) to save board space, or in a standard SOT-25 or SSOT-24 (SC-82) package. The series offers an ultra-low dropout voltage – typically 70mV at 30mA of loading current. As a result, the regulators enable the construction of highly stable, low-noise power supplies that meet the demands of battery operated circuits.

The XC6225 Series consists of a voltage reference, a current limiter and a phase compensation circuit, plus a driver transistor. The output voltage can be factory set to a value between 0.8V and 5.0V in 50mV steps, with input voltage ranging from 2.5V to 6.0V. The series furthermore provides fast regulation response at a very low 25µA of power consumption, with the current limiter typically set to 50mA. The LDOs are thus ideally suited for applications requiring 30mA or less. The chip enable (CE) function allows designers to turn off the output and thus put the chip into standby mode.

In this state, the XC6225B series of devices can discharge the electric charge stored at the output capacitor via the internal auto-discharge function, resulting in the VOUT pin quickly returning to the VSS level. The CL capacitor (output stabilization) is also compatible with low-ESR ceramic capacitors.


Imp_1_2009_A13_TOREX_Rauscharme LDO_Bild_kl.jpg

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