VITESSE is a technology leader with a broad product portfolio which includes award-winning Ethernet Switches and PHYs for addressing both copper and fiber-based unmanaged, web-managed, and stackable Gigabit Ethernet system applications with multiple port counts and interface types.  VITESSE received the Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence of the Year Award for its EcoEthernet™ technology. Known industry-wide as ActiPHY™ and PerfectReach™, these technologies collectively deliver power savings equivalent to well over 400mW per port.  Advanced power-saving technology combined with innovative technical features make VITESSE the right choice for almost any Ethernet application.

Ethernet Switches

• Non-blocking, wire-speed, hardware-based and CPU-based learning that are configurable per port
• Jumbo frame support
• Multiple Spanning Tree protocol support (IEEE Std 802.1w, IEEE Std 802.1s, or IEEE Std 802.1D)
• Programmable link aggregation traffic distribution (IEEE 802.3ad)

• Integrated processors, memory subsystems, dual-media GbE PHYs, and numerous other features result in low power, reduced BOM costs, minimum board space, and superior performance
• Software integration using either turn-key VITESSE software or software development kit

• Integrated CPU supports managed solutions and is also configurable to support an external CPU
• VITESSE VeriPHY® cable diagnostics technology
• Web–based or console–based software stack available from VITESSE

Quality of Service (QoS)
• Programmable multilayer classifier with four QoS classes per port
• QoS classification based on IEEE 802.1p, EtherType, VID, IPv4/IPv6 DSCP, and UDP/TCP ports/ranges
• Broadcast and multicast storm control, as well as flooding control
• Full-duplex flow control (IEEE 802.3x) and half-duplex backpressure

Stacking (VSC7407)
• Hardware-based learning and synchronization of MAC table across stack
• Hardware-based loop prevention using shortest path forwarding and support for fast fail-over
• Link aggregation across stack

• Port-based access control (IEEE 802.1X)
• Snooping for an extensive array of frame types
• CPU mirroring per port and per VLAN
• Advanced ACL support through TCAM-based match patterns (VSC7401, VSC7405, VSC7407 and VSC7501)

Evaluation boards, application notes, user manuals, software and extensive product design information including schematics and printed circuit board layout examples are available.


Wide Range of Support
• Compliant with IEEE 802.3
• IEEE 1149.1 JTAG boundary-scan support
• Support for jumbo frames with programmable synchronization FIFOs
• Recovered clock output support for G.8261 / IEEE-1588 / Synchronous Ethernet applications (VSC8664)

• VeriPHY® cable diagnostics detect cable conditions such as cable length, opens, shorts, coupling between pairs, and termination status
• Patented, low EMI line driver with integrated line side termination resistors saves over 12 components per port, thereby reducing PCB area and cost
• Industry’s highest tolerance to ambient electronic noise in high-density Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Evaluation boards, application notes, user manuals, software and extensive product design information including schematics and printed circuit board layout examples are available.


Imp_1_2010_A02_VITESSE_Energiesparende E Schnittstellen_dreamstimev2_10464399_Bild2.jpg
IMp_1_2010_A02_VITESSE_Energiesparende E Schnittstellen_VSC7398YU-EV-WMP_Bild1.jpg

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