Long-term stable X2 film capacitors from KEMET

2017-08-11  Passive Components   KEMET

Newly introduced by KEMET: The F863 Series!

Rapid loss of capacitance at X2-certified film capacitors especially occurs under the usage in harsh environmental conditions. This leads to an early failure of power supplies as well as a loss of reliable EMI-suppression.

In the range of long-term stable X2 film capacitors KEMET provides two series, F862 and F863. F862 has been tested 85°C/85% r.h./240Vac for 1,000 hours and available on the marked for some time already. Recently KEMET has introduced a new series F863, which is a cheaper and partly smaller alternative to F862. So this special treated X2-capacitor has the same dimensions like the standard-X2 of R46-series. F863 has been tested 85°C/85% r.h./240Vac for 500 hours.


Capacitance range F862: 100nF .. 4.7µF
Capacitance range F863: 100nF .. 10µF


The Datasheet F862 and Datasheet F863 are available for download.
For any question feel free to contact Roland Trimmel.

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