Loss of capacitance with X2 film capacitors

2014-04-29  Passive Components   

Here’s the answer!

Normal X2 capacitors are designed for rapid self-healing and reliability by having a high proportion of zinc in the metallisation. Under the effect of high air humidity, however, this also has a pronounced tendency to lead to a rapid loss of capacitance, which means that their use is not advisable in capacitive power supplies or voltage dividers.

The loss of capacitance due to corrosion is caused by what is commonly known as THB (Temperature, Humidity, Bias).

The product range from CODICO includes a specially treated X2 capacitor which provides satisfactory long-term stability even under a test with full voltage, 85% relative humidity, and a temperature of 85°C. 1,000 hours are guaranteed under these conditions, which can be translated into >50,000 hours under normal conditions.

Capacitance range: 47nF - 10uF
Pitch: 15mm - 37.5mm
Dimensions: 6x12x18mm - 32x45x41.5mm (WxHxL)

If there is no need for an X2 capacitor, we recommend to use an MKP capacitor with aluminium metallisation – and CODICO has the right solutions for you there as well.

For more details and samples please feel free to contact Roland Trimmel.

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