2011-04-21  YAMAICHI

For a reliable connection of sensor applications in Industrial Ethernet.

The Y-ConRJ45 converter cable is a RJ45 cable assembly which is equipped with M8/M12 circular connectors on the other end of the cable. The cable assembly is especially suitable for the industrial use like for instance the connection of sensor applications in Industrial Ethernet environments.

The high quality Y-ConRJ45 cable assembly series has been extended to the mechanical engineering sector as well as for the industrial and factory automation use. As a converter cable it allows a simple cabling from Industrial Ethernet to sensors, actuators and encoders, whose wiring is realized by space-saving M8/M12 circular connectors. The RJ45 interface is realised with the current Y-Con® connector range. They have up to 8 signal contacts, can include 2 additional power contacts (2.1A @ 70°C) and can be equipped with covers from IP20 to IP69K protection.

For the M8/M12 interfaces there is a variety of cable and panel mount connectors available, in male and female, 90° or 180°, coded or uncoded versions (A, B or D code).

All molded M8/M12 cable versions benefit from a 360° shielding which is added prior to the molding with high quality PUR material. Thus they ensure optimum EMI characteristics. The metal screw has an audible closure ratchet and is equipped with a vibration-resistant locking to ensure the interface does not open during operation. Besides all mating connectors available on the market (also those with Quick-Lock) are compatible to the series. Jacks and plugs are offered in 3, 4, 5 or 8 pin versions.

The Y-ConRJ45 as well as the M8 or M12 connectors offer the necessary protection against environmental influences according to the protection classes IP67 or IP20 (Y-Con also IP69K and IP68). Reliable covers made of high quality materials like PBT polymer or metallic zinc die-castings are standard features of this series.

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