MEMS Oscillator available from KDS (Daishinku)

Low power types, low phase jitter types and wide temperature types

KDS has integrated MEMS oscillator into their product lineup.

Following MEMS oscillators have been introduced:
• kHz MEMS oscillator 1.5×0.8mm size (MO1532)
• MHz MEMS oscillator from 2.0×1.6mm size
               Low power type (MO8088, MO8089)
               Low phase jitter type (MO8208)
               Wide temperature range type (MO8918)

MEMS oscillator has become as new solution for timing device market.

Further details can be found in the datasheets MO1532, MO8008, MO8208, MO8918. Pls contact Srecko Drazic for detailled information.

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