2008-09-01  SILVERTEL

SILVERTEL has introduced an insulated DC/DC module that ideally controls the charging of smaller-sized lead battery accumulators in the range of 1.2Ah to 7A. The new modules can be quickly integrated into many applications, thus providing them with state-of-the-art technology in terms of optimizing the application’s lifetime and operating conditions.

The charging of accumulators is frequently associated with complex know-how – or at least with poor availability of data from battery suppliers! But SILVERTEL’s Ag102 modules now provide immediate relief. These galvanically insulated converters are microprocessor-controlled DC/DC modules that support a wide input range of 9VDC to 36VDC and are capable of charging and monitoring 12V lead accumulators with a 1.2Ah to 7Ah capacity. Designed as intelligent “top-up / float charge” solutions, Ag102 modules maximize the specified lifetime of accumulators through the use of temperature compensation and by optimizing all charging parameters, to protect against over or under-charging the accumulator cells. In addition, the efficient DC/DC converters reduce power consumption. The integrated monitoring functionality enables users to check the battery status at any time, and also to perform a swap if needed. On-board safety features include reverse polarity protection for the battery, as well as overload and short circuit protection for the module itself – and, of course, overcharge/undercharge protection. Thanks to their galvanic insulation, several modules can be optionally connected together, while the compact, vertical-mount, SIL open-frame design benefits space-critical applications.

With such high flexibility, Ag102 charge regulator modules are ideally suited for safety-critical control and automation applications, medical applications and data communication systems that require offline availability, as well as smaller power supply applications.

Product Overview:

  • Input range: 9VDC – 36VDC
  • Targeted accumulators: 12V / 1.2Ah - 7Ah
  • Galvanic insulation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Programmable charging function
  • Over/undercharge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Battery status monitoring



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