Ultra-Low-Power Sub-GHz RF Transceiver

The ZL70250 ultra-low-power radio frequency (RF) transceiver provides a wireless link in applications where power consumption is of primary importance. The transceiver’s ultralow power requirements allow battery miniaturization or the use of energy-harvesting methods, enabling devices with an extremely small form factor.

The availability of the transceiver in a CSP(chip scale package) form factor combined with the extremely low number of external components also contributes in minimizing the application footprint. The ultra-low-power device operates in unlicensed frequency bands between 795 and 965MHz and offers a data rate of 186kbit/s to support voice communication. For data communication, the ZL70250 supports extremely low power consumption in packet-based networks in using own for low power optimized protocol cutting off the 50% overhead for sophisticated link and network layer implementations in ZigBee or Bluetooth.

The device uses standard interfaces, enabling easy integration with a standard microcontroller or Digital Signal Processor (DSP). For new applications low power processor family of ENERGY MICRO will be a perfect fit.

Initially designed for Hearing Aids, the typical application would be in the area of battery-powered wireless sensor network(WSN), applications relying on energy harvesting, wireless communication with very long battery life, voice communication, remote control.

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For further information please contact: Otto Streib


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