2013-08-05  Semiconductor ICs   

Ultra-SDI Solutions for 4K UHDTV and Industry's First Reclocker with Integrated Cable Driver for the Broadcast Video Market

MINDSPEED's new Ultra-SDIĀ™ products include the M22554, 6G-SDI adaptive video cable equalizer and the M22468, 6G-SDI video cable driver that support 6G/3G/HD/SD applications at 143 Mbps to 5.94 Gbps data rates. These new devices enhance next-generation system designs by providing higher density, lower power and lower material cost for transporting high quality UHD images compared to multi-lane solutions.

The M22554 equalizer is a high-speed, lower-power, adaptive co-axial cable equalizer designed to increase the maximum distance of SDI video signals and DVB-ASI across commonly used bandwidth-limiting 75 ohm coaxial cable. The low noise, high-gain equalizer allows for low jitter 5.94 Gbps transmissions with dual differential outputs, featuring programmable swing as well as de-emphasis. The equalizer provides advanced diagnostics capabilities including cable length indication, loss of signal detection and offers power management capabilities. It is housed in a 5x5 mm² 32-pin QFN package. The equalizer will also be available in industry standard 16-pin and 24-pin versions in a 4x4 mm² QFN package.

The M22468 cable driver is a high-speed, low-power, low-jitter cable driver that is designed to drive serial digital video data through 75 ohm coaxial cable typically used in SMPTE and DVB-ASI video applications. It has dual differential outputs with individual mute control and slew rate control. The cable driver is packaged in a 3x3 mm² QFN.

M31285 is industry's first, new low-power, multi-rate, serial digital interface (SDI) reclocker with integrated fully featured dual cable drivers in a compact 4x4 mm² package providing up to 50 percent power savings compared to competitive solutions. The new reclocker simplifies system design by offering additional margin through enhanced trace equalization and lower output jitter.

The M31285 features two integrated differential 75 ohm cable drivers that each feature programmable swing and pre-emphasis. A standalone reclocker, the M31245 with dual 50 ohm trace drivers with de-emphasis, is also available. Both devices operate at SDI data rates ranging from 270 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps, also support multichannel audio digital interface (MADI) at 125 Mbps, and feature a jitter detector module which measures the jitter present at the input of the reclocker after the signal is equalized.

The M31285 and M31245 both equalize up to 60 inches of trace, integrate Automatic Rate Detect circuitry and internal reference clock, which eliminates the need for an external crystal oscillator reducing complexity and component costs. At 160 mW and 80 mW respectively, the M31285 and M31245 consume significantly less power than existing devices. Both are packaged in a 4x4 mm² 32-pin QFN package providing significant area reduction compared to designs realized with legacy solutions

For further information please contact: Joachim Strohschenk


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