MINDSPEED: Comcerto 1000 Familiy


Introduction of the new generation ofSystem on Chip for CPE-applications!

MINDSPEED announced the introduction of their next generation System on Chip for CPE-applications - the Comcerto 1000 family. The SoC comes with one or two ARM1136 processor cores running at clock frequencies of 450 / 533 / 650 MHz. The cores are connected with the universal and various interfaces by a Multi-Layer Advanced High Performance Bus. This architecture enables a best-in-class routing performance of 2 Gbps. Optional available IPSec and SLL hardware Accelerator enable the optimal use in VPN applications as required in SOHO and SMB applications like home offices, medical practice, tax advisers and law offices. The integrated VoIP functionality allows to attach up to 16 analogue and digital telephones and fax machines.

The chip family further distinguish oneself by a extremely low power consumption. In addition even more power can be saved by software shut down of unused functional blocks. The family by its very low price, extremely high routing performance und low power consumption is very well positioned for all kind of applications in the are of intelligent and secure wired and wireless broadband gateways, wireless LAN 802.11n access points, SMB routers with IPSec VPN / SSL & firewall etc.

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