MINDSPEED extends its portfolio


MINDSPEED announced the availability for it’s new 6,5Gbit/s 48x48/ 36x36 port cross point switches (XPS)

The M21148 is a 48x48 and the M23636 a 36x36 asynchronous fully non-blocking crosspoint switch operating at data rates up to 6.5Gbps. The M21148 can be configured to switch channels as individual lanes (Lane Mode) or in groups of four (Group Mode), while the M23636 always operates in Lane Mode. The devices include advanced signal conditioning capabilities that enable the transmission of 6.5Gbps NRZ data over PCB channels that exceed one meter in length. The M23636 is available in a 23x23 mm, 484-pin BGA and the M21148 in a 27x27mm, 676-pin BGA package. Both ICs are made for temperatures in the range of -20 °C to 85 °C.

For further information please click here or just give Mr. Werner Reis a call.

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