MINDSPEED: extends portfolio of Cross Point Switches


MINDSPEED extends his portfolio of cross point switches and announced the availability of samples for it´s new 288x288 port cross point switches (XPS). The new XPS "M21170" operates at data rates up to 3,2 Gbps and is perfectly suited to applications like 3G-SDI video routing and switching as well as for all kinds of telecom applications and all other high speed applications. The chip operates independent of the protocol and has a core voltage of 1.2V. The I/Os operate at 1.2V, 1.8V and 2.5V. The chip is housed in a 50x50mm, 2389 Pin, Ball Grid Array (BGA) package. Samples are available today.

Serial production is intended for beginning of Q4/2010.

Details can be found here.

For further Information please contact Mr. Werner Reis.

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