2008-09-01  RUBYCON

RX30 – extended voltage range to 200V & 400V:

This 130°C elcap series now offers versions with a proof voltage of 200V and 400V, adding to the existing models with a 10V to 100V voltage range. Thus, RUBYCON now offers an elcap that can withstand even the most improbable conditions. The new 200V and 400V versions are primarily intended for use in energy saving lamps, as well as compact power supplies in high ambient-temperature environments. Capacitance values range from 4.7µF to 33µF for the new 200V capacitor and 1µF to 6.8µF for the new 400V version.

BXC – even longer life:

Compared to the legacy BXA series with a service life of 12,000 hours at 105°C, the BXC offered an increase in current capacity and smaller sizes, but to date only at the cost of a reduced lifetime: 10,000h max. Now, however, RUBYCON has improved the specified service life of the BXC to 12,000h at full current load and 105°C. The revamped capacitor series thus also offers the longest lifetime, making it especially well suited for use in the intermediate circuits of drivers and small power supplies.

TXW – now available in 10x40 & 10x50 can sizes:

Already offering a service life of 10,000h and a high current capacity, this radial intermediate circuit capacitor is now available in extra-slim versions with can sizes of 10mm x 40mm and 10mm x 50mm. When mounted horizontally, it suits super low-profile applications.


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