2013-06-06  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

DC/DC made easy: Tiny Modules with integrated coil

On a 2.5x3mm QFN Footprint MPS offers a complete DC/DC-Step-Down-Module with Coil already integrated and an Iq of only 17µA. The currently available MPM3805 and MPM3810 accept inputs from 2.5-6V and deliver 0.6A respectively 1.2A. Available are adjustable and fixed versions for 1.2 or 1.8V. By using COT technology the devices offer a very fast transient response. Modules with higher current and input range are coming soon.

More Details:\misc\Newsletter\2013\2013_04\MPM3805+MPM3810_flyer.pdf

Interested? – Please contact: Thomas Berner

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