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2013-11-07  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

MPS has developed a new family of modules products with its “MP-Module” offerings. By integrating the inductor within the DCDC d

The first released parts in the family are for low-voltage applications (2.5V – 6V) that need up to 600mA with the MPM3805 or 1.2A with the MPM3810. Fixed output voltage versions are available to further simplify the design. MP-Module solutions switch at high frequency (~4MHz) for high performance with small size, and have low output ripple, fast transient response and low system noise. The low height of 0.9mm means they can fit many applications previously impossible when an external inductor was needed. QFN packaging allows the use of standard PCB assembly equipment and surface mount manufacturing techniques. The integrated module approach also improves system reliability and ease of manufacture.

MPS MP-Modules are an easy way to gain the efficiency advantages of a DCDC converter solution, without the worry or effort of having to understand the design techniques of DCDC conversion. They simplify the design process and provide a “plug in and go” power solution.  

There are many advantages to the MPS MP-Module family verses a discrete approach. Firstly, the MP Module solution has the inductor integrated in the package and this provides the smallest solution with low output ripple and very low EMI. The MPS MP-Module solution requires only 2 external components (one ceramic input & output capacitor), compared to a typical discrete switching regulator solution that requires selection of 6-10 external components. MP-Modules eliminate  the need for an engineer to have choose and size the inductor, calculate feedback resistor values, or have to worry about correct placement  and routing of the circuit design on the PC. Instead the MPS MP-Modules provides a stress free “drop-in” solution.

Applications for MPS MP-Modules are widespread, in both consumer and industrial markets. Example applications include SSD/HDD drives, Test & Measurement equipment, Multi-Function Printers, Media-Gateways/Routers, Servers/Networking equipment, and Wireless/RF systems.

As efficiency becomes more important in today’s designs , the MPS MP-Modules provide a good solution to replace traditional inefficient linear regulators (LDO’s)  and are an easy way to increase system efficiency. A traditional linear regulator supply that converts 3.3Vin to 1.8Vout is only around 50% efficient, whereas the MP-Module solution will have efficiency greater than 80% from 10mA to 1A. 

MPS is also developing higher current versions (2-3A) and higher voltage versions (12-24V) which will become available in the near future.

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