MPS: MP4568 – 60V

2012-10-16  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

100mA synchronous step-down converter for sensor applications

The MP4568 is optimized for the lowest output currents of just a few tens of milliamperes up to a maximum of 100mA and can withstand voltage peaks of up to 60V. These properties make it ideal for industrial applications such as sensor technology, 4mA - 20mA current loops, backup battery systems and many others.

In addition, the component offers a very low idle current consumption of 24uA (typ.), as well as an externally adjustable softstart. The MP4568 comes in a standard 3mm x 3mm QFN package.

It offers very high efficiency levels across the entire current range:
- 10 Vin > 5 Vout at 50mA: ~94%
- 10 Vin > 5 Vout at 10mA: ~93%
- 10 Vin > 5 Vout at   1mA: ~89%
- 45 Vin > 5 Vout at 50mA: ~87%
- 45 Vin > 5 Vout at 10mA: ~85%
- 45 Vin > 5 Vout at   1mA: ~71%

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