MPS Motor Driver Solutions

2015-05-21  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

Sets every machine in motion

Founded in 1997, MPS pioneered integrated power semiconductor solutions and power delivery architectures. Motor drivers are an area of focus for MPS.

MPS motor driver solutions offer a wide range of high-performance, cost effective, and reliable solutions for stepper motors, brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors, and solenoids. Using industry leading semiconductor process and advanced packaging technologies, MPS motor drivers achieve highest efficiency, best thermal performance, and smallest solution size.

MPS’ proprietary fourth generation BCD process technology is the key to its competitive advantage.

Many conventional analog technologies are handicapped by an inability to support the integration of power devices at high power levels. This results in unacceptably large semiconductors and/or significant levels of power losses. High power loss results in significant heat dissipation. This must be managed to avoid damaging or reducing the overall performance and efficiency of the system. MPS’ superior low RDSOn MOSFET integration enables high efficiency and thermal performance.

A brushless DC motor is an electronically commutated motor running from a DC source. Due to its high reliability and ruggedness, it has been used in many speed control system. MPS brushless DC motor pre-drivers are designed to drive high-power brushless DC motors used in various industrial, automotive, and consumer applications such as power tools, fans, pumps, E-bikes, etc.

Single or Triple H-bridge MOSFET Pre-Drivers
Wide Input Voltage Range
Internal Charge Pumps
Over-Current Protection
Adjustable Dead Time to Prevent Shoot-Through
Thermal Shutdown and UVLO Protection
Thermally-Enhanced Packages

3-Phase BLDC Motors
Power Tools

MPS Advantages:
• Wide input range to support different applications
•  Over-current protection increases system reliability
•  Internal bootstrap charge pump supports 100% duty operation


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