HIROSE released a new connector system named DF59. The targeted market is primarily the LED lighting market, beside other applications in other industrial segments.

The multifunctional connector is applicable for power supply as Wire to Board, as well as applicable as „bridge“ connector (Board to Board). An additional version is used as shortening plug. Only one type of receptacle is needed, independent of the type of mating (plug) version. This reduces the number of components at the customers’ side.

DF59 has a pitch of 2.0mm respectively 4.0mm, depend of the application and the related requirement to use higher clearance- and creepage distances.

The connection system can be applied with 3A by using the defined cable gauge with AWG 22 (Ø 1.26mm / UL1061). The voltage is specified with 100V respectively 250V by using 4mm pitch-version.

With the currently available pincounts from 2-4 positions DF59 can cover most of the requirements from the market. Further pincounts are under development.

The low mated height with 2.8mm and small size of 8x9 mm (3 pos WtB-type) is intentionally targeted. With that size the connector prevent formation of shades, especially for bright lighting where many LED are used and very narrowly mounted. In addition a natural white colour as molding material is used to make DF59 again more invisible.

The locking mechanism for plug calls HRS “swing lock”. Mating the plug will be done first by plug in the axial side, and after pushing the plug, connector is mated. With that function the wire/cable retention force will be increased.

The bridge connector will be ganged by a “friction lock” system.

Typical application for DF59 is LED lighting, Battery/Accu connection, power supply and much more.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us!


Imp_1_2011_S01_HIROSE_DF59 Serie_Bild2.jpg
Imp_1_2011_S01_HIROSE_DF59 Serie_Bild3.jpg
Imp_1_2011_S01_HIROSE_DF59 Serie_Bild4.jpg
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