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MEMS based on 3D technology

MEMS gyros and accelerometers are increasingly being incorporated into a broad range of consumer electronic devices, and have now become an essential component of various control systems.

The MEMS gyros and accelerometers MURATA manufacturers use a capacitive detection approach where one or more capacitors change value with an applied mechanical signal. The accelerometer includes one or more (multi-axis) proof masses that sense gravity and acceleration. The force generated on the proof mass is then gauged with a silicone spring converting it to a deflection, to be sensed as a change in the distance between one or more pairs of capacitor plates.

This technology makes it straightforward to achieve various levels of damping by modifying the gas pressure of the cavity where the proof mass is located. Multi-axis elements are generated by shifting the location of the center of gravity of the proof mass relative to the spring suspension, shifting the axis of rotation. The springs are made of single crystal silicone, providing a very stable transfer function with a temperature dependence of gain close to that of the elastic constant of silicone, i.e. less than 1% over 100°C, which is easy to compensate for. The symmetrical structures result in internal self-compensating effects, giving a very stable zero point over temperature and time. The large signal from the sensing element makes the design of the interface electronics easy and enables optimization for very low power, very high resolution or high speed (little filtering).


The angular rate sensor, or gyro, utilizes the Coriolis effect. A proof mass is brought into angular motion, in this case vibrating angular motion.

An external angular rate perpendicular to this motion will cause a force proportional to both the vibration motion and the angular rate which is perpendicular to both of them. This Coriolis force is detected through synchronized capacitive sensing. Symmetrical structures result in stability and reduced cross sensitivity to linear or angular acceleration.

MURATA offeres following MEMS devices:

Accelerometers are based on the proprietary 3D MEMS technology and they offer a number of excellent product features and benefits for the most demanding applications. The sensing element and the measuring ASIC are assembled in a dual-in-line or dual-in-flat-line plastic package with pins for surface mount and re-flow soldering. They are environmentally protected with silicone gel resulting in excellent performance and reliability in a humid environment and at temperature cycling. In addition, the robust sensing element design with over damped frequency response enables excellent performance even in harsh and vibrating environments.

Inclinometer sensors are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. The highest accuracy is available with SCA103T series that use differential measurement principle to compensate all common mode error and noise effects. The best shock durability of the MEMS market provides trouble-free measurements in moving machines, vehicles, airplanes, construction machines and hand held devices.

Gyroscopes and combined sensors (including gyroscope and accelerometer) are based on the MURATA’s proven 3D MEMS technology and highly integrated electronics. Industrial gyroscopes offer a performance level that typically has been available only for expensive module products. Sensing elements and the measuring circuitry are assembled into a pre-molded plastic dual-in-line (DIL) package, protected with silicone gel and covered with a stainless steel lid.


MURATA offers wide-ranging experience and in-depth know-how in numerous MEMS applications like:


-     Diagnostic and treatment equipment positioning applications: high precision positioning of equipment such as surgery tables, prostheses and medical imaging equipment
-     Patient monitoring applications: movement and position monitoring


-     Inclination measurement for electronic level and rotating lasers
-     Inclination measurement for distometers and hypsometers
-     Inclination measurement for scale tilt compensation
-     Tank level and process pressure monitoring systems
-     Inclination measurement for wheel alignment systems
-     Inclination measurement in dynamic environment
-     Avionics
-     Drilling

Heavy Duty Vehicles

-     Accurate navigation for tractor auto steering in agriculture
-     Platform levelling for forestry equipment & construction equipment
-     Inclination measurement for excavator booms and shovels
-     Inclination measurement for transmission control of commercial vehicles
-     IMUs of different vehicle categories
-     Dynamic levelling of platforms
Coriolis force
Inclinometer sensors
Gyroscopes & combined sensors
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