MURATA - Compact ozonizer module removes germs and eliminates odors

2013-05-06  Passive Components   MURATA

Based on merely one LTCC this ultra compact module eliminates bacteria and generates ozone.

MURATA announced the ultra compact MHM500 ozonizer module constructed on a low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) element. Using a discharge electrode and a dielectric electrode within the LTCC board the ozonizer creates a stable supply of ozone, and because the electrodes are fabricated within the LTC element it offers a long life characteristic. Comprising both the LTCC element and a power supply module, the MHM500 can be used to generate ozone in a broad range of consumer, industrial and automotive accessory applications. Bacteria can proliferate in many appliances such as refrigerators and dish washers resulting in mildew, odors and creating potential health risks. Previously, ozone-creating units have been too large and expensive to incorporate into consumer appliances, but now, the compact MHM500 module makes this possible.

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