2013-01-10  Power Supply Modules   

OKR-T/1.5-W12: 1.5A miniature SIP Addition to Okami Range of POL DC/DC converter and 15W DC/DC converter with 16 to 160 VDC inpu

The compact POL Module with a size of 10.4x10.16x6.1 mm offers high power conversion efficiencies of 93%, based on 600 kHz synchronous buck topology. Output voltage is programmable from 0.591 to 6.0 VDC and is able to operate from a wide input voltage range of 4.5 to 14 VDC.

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The RUW15 Family of encapsulated DC/DC-Modules on a 2”x2” footprint are ideal for applications that require a long hold-up time. Input to output isolation complies with the internationally recognized standard UL 60950 for reinforced isolation of up to 4 kVAC test voltage.

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