Miniaturization of SUN Hybrid Capacitors

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The new series HVPX and HVPC

The new series HVPX and HVPC by SUN enable a further miniaturization of electronic devices. On one side this is achieved with a higher ripple current capability, and on the other side with bigger capacitances per case size. The guaranteed life time is specified with 4,000hrs at 125°C.

As inventor of polymer hybrid capacitors SUN draws on a longstanding experience in developing those components. Due to a steadily advancement of this technology SUN is able to offer a broad product portfolio in various versions. So SMD- and THT-versions, high-temperature-series and rated voltages of up to 125V are available.

With the HVPX-series SUN achieves a ripple current capability of up to 3,8A r.m.s. at 125°C per component (dimensions 10x12.5mm). The guaranteed life time at these conditions is 4,000hrs.
Rated voltages: 25V, 35V
Capacitance range: 150µF ~ 470µF

Further information can be found within the datasheet.

The new series HVPC provides more capacitance per case size, and in addition a significantly higher ripple current capability, compared to former versions. In case size 10x12.5mm for example, 25V/560µF and 3A r.m.s. at 125°C and a guaranteed life time of 4,000hrs are achieved.
Rated voltages: 25V, 35V
Capacitance range: 180µF ~ 560µF

Further information can be found within the datasheet.

These properties provide you not only the possibility to miniaturize your electronic device, but potentially even a reduction of required components.


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