NB685 from MPS

2015-05-27  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

Complete DDR Power Solutions for IMVP8

26V, 12A, Low Iq, Buck Converter with +/- 1A LDO and Buffered Reference

The new NB685 by Power Specialist MPS provides a complete power supply for DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, and DDR4 memory with the highest power density.

It integrates a high frequency synchronous rectified step-down switch mode converter (VDDQ) with a 1A sink/source LDO (VTT) and buffered low noise reference (VTTREF).

Key Features:

  • Wide 4.5V to 26V Operating Input Range
  • Up to 12A Continuous Output Current 
  • Only 100uA Iq 
  • 20/7.5 mOhm Internal Power MOSFETs 
  • Built-in +/-1A VTT LDO 
  • External 3.3V Vcc 
  • Over Temp Warning 
  • 500k/700k selectable Frequency 
  • Ultrasonic Mode selectable 
  • OCL, OVP, UVP and Thermal Shutdown 
  • Output Adjustable from 1V to 5V 
  • Available in 16-pin QFN3x3 Package

For further information please check the MPS NB685 Datasheet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Berner.


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