Crystal oscillators are roughly divided into three types: OCXO, TCXO and SPXO (including clock oscillators).

Among these, the quite expensive OCXOs are used in products where high precision is required – up to ppb-level (1ppb = 10-3ppm).

With high-precision TCXO oscillators NDK now attains levels of performance that were previously possible only with the conventional OCXO type.

How does NDK achieve such a frequency stability of ±100ppb?

* Improvement of temperature characteristics

A high-performance temperature-compensated circuit has been created with the development of high-precision LSI and the improvement of isolation for the oscillation circuit block and output buffer block. This results in a temperature characteristic of ±70 ppb.

* Development of a high-precision crystal resonator

High-precision TCXOs require high-precision crystal resonators. NDK has developed such a resonator using technologies designed for the creation of high-quality synthetic quartz and advanced technologies for designing and processing crystal blanks.

This resonator has an ideal temperature characteristic curve and excels in terms of aging and hysteresis.

Here is the best deal: The advantages of TCXO retain!

This new TCXO consumes less electricity and generates less heat because it retains the conventional TCXO advantage of not requiring oven treatment, but also provides OCXO-level high performance. As a result, the effects of heat on circuits near the oscillator are small, thus eliminating the need to consider thermal effects in circuit design.

As the new TCXO is small, related circuits can be easily integrated.

The rise time is also shorter because no oven treatment is needed, allowing immediate use after the power is turned on.

If the above has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact CODICO for more details!


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