ATHEROS is well on the way to becoming the network specialist for home and enterprise applications. In addition to its established powerline communications, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth product ranges, ATHEROS is expanding its networking portfolio with Gigabit Broadband and robust hybrid connectivity solutions. By acquiring Opulan, ATHEROS is adding a fabless semiconductor company specializing in passive optical networking (PON) and broadband access aggregation technologies. Since PON is expected to be a significant portion of the growing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) market, ATHEROS can now offer a unique end-to-end (WAN-to-LAN) architecture – from gigabit-speed, next-generation optical broadband access through to hybrid Ethernet, powerline and Wi-Fi solutions – to customers beyond network providers.

ATHEROS’ popular ETHOS® line of Ethernet switching solutions ideally complements Opulan’s 1G/10G EPON (Ethernet PON) and MUX products. By tightly integrating the carrier transport mechanisms with its Gigabit Ethernet solutions, the ATHEROS portfolio includes highest-quality FTTH platforms that support the entire spectrum of applications – from gigabit broadband access via the gateway through to intelligent routing within the home/office.

As if that weren’t enough, ATHEROS is partnering with Wilocity to develop tri-band wireless solutions that combine Wi-Fi and WiGig technologies. WiGig is a multi-gigabit wireless technology in the 60GHz band that targets the mobile computing, consumer electronics and peripheral markets. Tri-band solutions unite the omnipresent WLAN 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with the multi-gigabit throughput of Wireless Gigabit (WiGig), thus paving the way for a multitude of new computer and entertainment applications. Such tri-band solutions also enable the required compatibility with the hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi devices that are today in use worldwide.

The Wi-Fi Specialist

We offer chip and module solutions that use, or are based on, ATHEROS chipsets for all types of wireless data transfer in Wi-Fi networks. Thus, CODICO is able to support numerous different host interfaces and fields of application – such as with power-saving solutions for mobile applications through to the latest 3x3 MIMO systems for rapid data transfer. ATHEROS wireless technologies are available as complete high-performance systems that offer clear-cut advantages thanks to their fast, easy integration and low overall costs. In combination with ATHEROS’ AMP™ powerline technology, Wi-Fi is the most flexible gigabit medium available for home applications. Thus, networks equipped with ATHEROS "There is Here" solutions, including its AMP™ powerline, XSPAN®11N WLAN and ETHOS™ Ethernet technologies, are optimally suited for:

– Wi-Fi + PLC combo home routers
– HD video distribution over powerline and Wi-Fi
– HDMI extension over powerline
– Low-power, “green” PLC products
– New IEEE1901/HomePlug® AV-compatible PLC solutions
– Smart Grid applications

The Powerline Specialist

With its powerline communications (PLC) technologies, ATHEROS is able to exploit the potential of the most widely used wire medium – the mains power network – in all types of buildings, and is driving a previously unmatched level of interconnection between robust, high-bandwidth networks to support the constantly growing number of networked systems.

AMPTM is ATHEROS' family of high-performance PLC solutions for broadband networks in digital home and office applications, as well as in power-saving Smart Grid applications. The new chipsets support both the IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV standards, and deliver data rates of 500 Mbps over power line and 700 Mbps over coax cable. In combination with XSPAN® with Signal Sustain Technology (ATHEROS’ 802.11n solution), gigabit data rates are possible throughout the home – thus making each room HD-capable!

The Ethernet Specialist

ATHEROS’ EthosTM chipset family offers a series of controller, switch and PHY products for Fast and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Ethos™ is synonymous for “green Ethernet," to mean ultra energy-saving solutions that even surpass the EU’s voluntary self-regulation targets for power efficiency. But the advantages do not stop there, as the family is also an industry leader in terms of form factor, the number of required external components (i.e., reduced RBOM) and price/performance ratio.

The facts above have already convinced numerous manufacturers of network-capable products to make ATHEROS Ethernet solutions their top choice, including eight of the ten largest PC manufacturers, the five largest manufacturers of home network equipment and many network carriers.

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